Aircraft Hangars

Hangar rentals in Central Florida. The South East Ramp offers a variety of aircraft hangars from small airplane hangars to large box hangars, on mid to long term leases.

Orlando-Sanford Aircraft Hangar

The facilities are designed to be some of the best in the nation. Central Florida pilots, owners and corporations will have a wide range of hangar types and sizes to choose from, including corporate hangar buildings, large and small box hangar complexes and large and small t-hangar airplane hangars.

Each hangar features electricity, outside water and lighting. Office space for lease is also available at times.

Centrally located in the development, the pilot’s lounge includes kitchen facilities, a flight planning area and a conversation/entertainment area featuring club-style furnishings, large-screen TV, Wi-Fi and pool table.

Tenants also have the opportunity to join the fueling co-op which provides discounted AV and jet fuel. Fueling is available full or self-service.

Jet Hangar

Corporate Hangars The corporate hangars are ideal for storing a couple airplanes or a large aircraft. Each features 3,840 sq.ft. with a 60’w x 18’h power hydro-swing door. The depth is 60’ and each building has two hangars. Each corporate hangar building has offices, ranging from 1,365 to 1,580 sq.ft., attached that can be leased with or without the hangar space. There are a total of 24 corporate hangars (12 offices).

Large Box Hangar

Large Box Hangars Large box hangars feature 1,824 up to 3,857 sq.ft. with a five options of door widths ranging from 40’-60’. Each has a power hydro-swing door with a height of 14’ and depth is 38’. There are a total of 42 large box hangars.

Small Box Hangar

Small Box Hangars Small box hangars feature 1,500 sq.ft. with a power hydro-swing door measuring 40’wx14’h. The depth is 34.4’ and there are a total of 8 small box hangars.

Orlando-Sanford Airplane Hangar

Large T Hangars T hangars are optimized for space savings and are an economical solution for storing airplanes. The large T airplane hangars feature square footages ranging from 1,089 to 1,453 sq.ft. Each has a power hydro-swing door that is 40’wx14’h with a depth of 34.4’. The end units allow for additional storage space. There are a total of 34 large T hangars.

Small T Hangar

Small T Hangars The Small T, as with the large T hangars, are optimized for space savings. The small T airplane hangars feature square footage ranging from 807 – 1,076 sq.ft.. Each has a power hydro-swing door that is 36’wx14’h with a depth of 28’. The end units allow for additional storage space. There are a total of 24 small T hangars.

Custom Hangar

Custom Finishes Interior hangar finishes are available on a build-to-suit basis and can be custom tailored to meet specific needs, ranging from corporate flight facilities to maintenance, restoration, fabrication, storage, training or leisure.

Specialty Hangar

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