Airplane Hangars

Orlando-Sanford Airplane Hangar

Airplane Hangars

Small T-Hangars for use as airplane hangars offer an affordable price to protect your airplane. Large box hangars can be used as corporate jet hangars including office space. Some hangars are being used as military aircraft hangars while others are being used as helicopter hangars for rotary wing aircraft.

South East Ramp has all the facilities any pilot could need. In fact, specialized aviation services are already in place, making the hangar facility a kind of "mall for the sky." These onsite hangar tenants provide aviation insurance as well as aircraft maintenance, repair, restoration and customization services.

Central to the South East Ramp airplane hangar complex is the full service Pilot's Lounge and Meeting Center that caters to all pre or post flight needs. Appointed like a fine club, the Pilot's Lounge includes kitchen facilities, flight planning area, conference tables and an entertainment center with leather lounge chairs, large-screen TV and pool table.

Ideally positioned to serve corporate transportation needs as well as those of the ever growing number of private general aviation pilots, South East Ramp offers an impressive range of airplane hangar types and support facilities. These include Corporate Hangars with business offices, Large Box Hangars, Large T-hangars and Small T-hangars, the Pilot's Lounge and ancillary support facilities.