Custom Hangars

Custom Airplane Hangar

Custom Airplane Hangars

Sometimes one size, or even several sizes, doesn’t fit all. The South East Ramp is home to several unique aircraft hangars. Located at the Orlando Sanford International Airport, the South East Ramp is one of the largest aviation hangar facilities in the area, being used for maintenance, repair, assembly, storage, leisure and business offices.

If you need a gigantic hangar to store many aircraft, we can build one to order. If you want a decorative hangar with a façade, we can build that also. If you need a custom hangar with specialized office space, we can make it happen.

We have acreage available to develop at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport. Large or small, we can help design and build the exact custom aircraft hangar to meet your desire with a long-term lease.

Custom Aircraft Hangars